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All Day Dreaming
🟑 ADD Radio LoFi #0033

🟑 ADD Radio LoFi #0033

45min of handpicked music for creative flow

One of my favorite Seneca quotes is, β€œWe suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

I think about my imagination as being on a spectrum of suffering with the most intense versions on each end.

On one side I can imagine defeat and failure for an idea before even attempting it and on the other side, I can imagine ridiculous amounts of success.

I’ve become comfortable with exploring both ends and using that contrast to help ground me in the middle, where reality resides.

All Day Dreaming 🟑 Radio 🎧 LoFi #0033. 45min of hand-picked music curated for creative flow. You can listen on your private podcast feed or Spotify playlist…

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All Day Dreaming
All Day Dreaming
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