Your description of how having a team of people who see your value when we can’t see it ourselves, and help extract it - was a really moving and powerful point. Much like you, I’m better working with a partner or team, but sometimes difficult to work with haha. I currently work along and it’s a huge struggle. This episode has helped affirm that I need to find a partner/teammate. Thank you

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Love hearing this! Add it to all the other contradictions, we often love (and hate) collaborating with others. Haha.

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Thank you for breaking down this excellent movie while weaving Kwan's story through the thread.

I've read others' impressions of the movie in relation to their diagnosis. Of course, with my own diagnosis, I didn't pick up on how the main character likely has ADHD until you pointed it out. This is where ADHD is so pernicious; it can create obstacles for self-advocacy due to the challenges with the awareness one needs in order to advocate for themselves in the first place.

Take care,


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