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🟡 ADD Radio LoFi #0027

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One of the hardest questions I often struggle to answer is “what do you do?” My brain always gets scrambled to come up with an answer because of either…

A) I’ve lived many lives and each one could stand on its own. However, I don’t want to pick just one but also don’t want to bore someone with a laundry list.

B) I’m stepping into a new space where I’m not yet comfortable proclaiming I’m that thing.

C) My future ambitions are many and I haven’t decided which one to pursue yet and am not interested in being labeled something from my past.

Today’s Radio Lofi is dedicated to everyone who also struggles to answer that dreaded question, “What do you do?“

Welcome to All Day Dreaming 🟡 Radio 🎧 LoFi #0027. 45min of hand-picked music curated for creative flow. You can listen on your private podcast feed or Spotify playlist…

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