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🟡 ADD Radio LoFi #0029

🟡 ADD Radio LoFi #0029

45min of handpicked music for creative flow

You often hear a lot about "time” management but very little about "energy” management, even though the latter is a much more accurate and useful metric when seeking better productivity.

Time is easy to track. We have watches, calendars, and even the sun to help manage our day. Energy is much harder to track. We can't just look at our wrists and have a watch that tells us how much energy and focus we have at any given moment.

Time is consistent; 3 pm will show up at the same time every day. Energy, on the other hand, is always fluctuating. Your ability to work on a task at any given moment is constantly changing based on an infinite number of variables, including stress, sleep, and so on.

If you want to be productive and better manage your time, start by getting to know your body's energy and track how it ebbs and flows throughout the day and week.


Welcome to All Day Dreaming 🟡 Radio 🎧 LoFi #0029. 45min of hand-picked music curated for creative flow. You can listen on your private podcast feed or Spotify playlist…

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