Feb 3 • 1HR 38M

🟡 Chaos to Control: How Social Media Managers Can Thrive with ADHD

Matt Navarra shares his ADHD journey, the surprising thing he tells clients, and how he built a $200k business

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Welcome to All Day Dreaming. A simple survival guide to navigating creativity, productivity, and ADHD with your host Hyla.
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As someone who is trying to have a better relationship with social media, I’m fascinated by how people with ADHD can thrive working in that industry.

Matt Navarra is one of Europe's most well-known and in-demand social media consultants. He has 200k+ followers across platforms including his widely popular newsletter “Geekout” and has turned that into a $200k+ a year business.

Matt and I did a LIVE event where he opened up about his ADHD journey, going from failure to fortune and sharing all the tools he uses today to have a healthy and profitable relationship with social media.

You can watch the replay HERE or listen to the replay as a podcast above. Oh, and Matt has something FREE for you…

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It was a blast to host this and thank you to the 600+ who joined us.


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