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🟡 Chaos to Control: How Social Media Managers Can Thrive with ADHD

🟡 Chaos to Control: How Social Media Managers Can Thrive with ADHD

Matt Navarra shares his ADHD journey, the surprising thing he tells clients, and how he built a $200k business


As someone who is trying to have a better relationship with social media, I’m fascinated by how people with ADHD can thrive working in that industry.

Matt Navarra is one of Europe's most well-known and in-demand social media consultants. He has 200k+ followers across platforms including his widely popular newsletter “Geekout” and has turned that into a $200k+ a year business.

Matt and I did a LIVE event where he opened up about his ADHD journey, going from failure to fortune and sharing all the tools he uses today to have a healthy and profitable relationship with social media.

You can watch the replay HERE or listen to the replay as a podcast above. Oh, and Matt has something FREE for you…

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If you’re an ADHD’er who wants better focus, smarter productivity, and less burnout, Matt is offering a FREE month of All Day Dreaming's virtual coworking and monthly support group sessions to any Geekout followers. Go to

Use the code "geekout" at checkout in the next 48hrs. You can cancel at any time with no obligation.

It was a blast to host this and thank you to the 600+ who joined us.


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