May 16, 2022

Monday Morning Vibe Check

15mins of hand-picked lofi beats

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Welcome to All Day Dreaming. A simple survival guide to navigating creativity, productivity, and ADHD with your host Hyla.
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Good morning, this is your Monday Morning Vibe Check... my name is Hyla.

I’m trying something new. Tell me if you want more of these. The idea is simple.

I have no agenda, I have nothing to tell you, no content for you to consume.

I simply want to bring a vibe. 15min of hand-picked music.

We are constantly inundated with information and decisions.

So this morning think about protecting your energy.

Don’t fill up on emails or social media.

Instead of consumption take a moment to reflect.

A moment for gratitude.

A moment to breathe, sip your coffee and stretch.

Mondays are special. Mondays can set the vibe and trajectory for your whole week.

The question is what direction do you want to go?

— Hyla 🟡